Monday, July 25, 2011

Social Media Marketing Interviews - Sweets by Maggie

Sweets by Maggie! sells "Made from Scratch Gourmet Cupcakes and Custom Cakes" from their Amherst shop.

MZ: Describe what projects/organizations/activities you have marketed using social networking?
Maggie: We used Facebook as our main marketing tool since we opened in Nov. We use it daily to list our flavors, have contest periodically and let people know what is happening with our business!

MZ: What social media sites have you used for marketing?
Maggie: Currently using facebook and just starting to get our feet wet with twitter

MZ: What aspect(s) of your social media marketing has/have been most effective?
Maggie: Since we run different flavors daily, people flock to the site just what we have that day. Our contest, mostly trivia, have had an amazing response! We get a weekly report from FB detailing traffic to our site. You see a major increase when you allow people to interact! We've also taken pictures of cupcakes and had fans name them! It has produced one of our most popular cupcakes and people always seem to remember it because they participated in the naming of it!

MZ: What aspect(s) of your social media marketing has/have been least effective?
Maggie: Free marketing on any level is good! Even if it doesn't take off, someone has seen it, and hopefully it made an impression

MZ: What is the most important thing social media marketing provides that traditional marketing doesn’t?
Maggie: Instant access to many people!

MZ: Have you experienced any drawbacks using social media for marketing?
Maggie: Unhappy customers are able to voice their opinions to the masses...

MZ: How do you measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts?
Maggie: My "page insight" which is sent weekly to the administrators of the page! Stop in and I'll show you!

MZ: What is the one most important quality necessary for a successful social media marketing plan?
Maggie: I can only speak from our point of view and that would be to have fun with it, keep it entertaining, and try to get people to interact!

MZ: What is the one most critical thing to avoid when using social media marketing?
Maggie: Trying to over sell. If all you post is your menu and such it tends to get stale and people don't visit as frequently... As I said before keep it fun!

MZ: Do you have any other advice for an individual or organization attempting to use social media marketing?
Maggie: Get to it! in my opinion this is the single greatest marketing tool we will see in our lifetime

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