Friday, July 22, 2011

Social Media Marketing Interviews - CHIKARA, Inc.

CHIKARA is an independent pro wrestling organization based out of Pennsylvania.

MZ: Describe what projects/organizations/activities you have marketed using social networking?
CHIKARA: All things CHIKARA, a touring live-action pro-wrestling company.

MZ: What social media sites have you used for marketing?
CHIKARA: Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

MZ: What aspect(s) of your social media marketing has/have been most effective?
CHIKARA: YouTube, most of all.

MZ: What aspect(s) of your social media marketing has/have been least effective?
CHIKARA: Probably Twitter. There's no real way to know how many people your message reaches. Like whispering into a canyon.

MZ: What is the most important thing social media marketing provides that traditional marketing doesn’t?
CHIKARA: Free coverage, free exposure. All the other benefits are far out-weighed by the fact that it is free.

MZ: Have you experienced any drawbacks using social media for marketing?
CHIKARA: Not yet. But the day is young.

MZ: How do you measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts?
CHIKARA: For us, the cause and effect relationship is easy to monitor. We post on Facebook that we have a new item for sale in our store - how many of them move in the next 6 hours? How much traffic can we drive to one part of our site if we Tweet it out? Does a YouTube video hyping a single event move any tickets within 24 hours of its release?

MZ: What is the one most important quality necessary for a successful social media marketing plan?
CHIKARA: Does it stand out, or does it get lost in the massive amount of information out there.

MZ: What is the one most critical thing to avoid when using social media marketing?
CHIKARA: Saying irrelevant things. No one wants to read your corporate spam.

MZ: Do you have any other advice for an individual or organization attempting to use social media marketing?
CHIKARA: Engage on all fronts. No one avenue or method is enough.

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